Cancer University Institute

Oncopole, Toulouse, France

Competition won in 2007

Mandate: Design through to site management, interior design + landscaping
Program :
a 312-bed hospital, laboratories and a research center
Surface area:
65,000 sqm

Client: Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse - Oncopole
Conductor of operations: ICADE Promotion Publique Santé et Oppidéa
Associated architects: Cardete Huet Associés
Engineering firm: SNC Lavalin
Economist: Mazet & Associés
Inspection desk: VERITAS

The Construction of the Cancer University Institute adds a particular dimension to the Oncopole site: together with the public research laboratories, the private laboratories and all the other services and spaces of the Oncopole, the institute is the final piece in the cycle beginning with medical research and finishing with patient treatment. Thus, this institute provides a link between medical staff, patients, their families, and the public. At, heart, its design is in line with the spirit of the Canceropole. The institute’s first architectural principle is that it is conceived as a site and not merely as a building: equal importance is attached to the landscape and to buildings.

Architecture and landscape are the conceptual foundations of this clinic and harmony between them creates conditions conducive to cancer treatment and patient and staff well-being. This principle guides the institute’s design itself, its forms and materials. It establishes an optimal relationship between patients and medical staff.

The various spaces create a favourable environment for treatments by virtue of their orientation and their relationship to natural light and landscape. The curved sections, oriented towards the landscape, are used for medical interventions. The perpendicular sections are dedicated to care. The large longitudinal volume is qualified as a ‘living and communication space and meets the need for medical efficiency

Agency credits

Associates, project directors: Yann Padlewski, Michele Circella
Project director: Medhi Jaoua
Project team: Julie Alazard, Laure Barthelot, Stéphanie Boufflet , Adriana Buhaj, Pierre Chastel, Nicolas Dinjeart, Aurelia Djukanovic, Christine Anne Joubert, Zulema Tanco Lopez, Gaëlle Mazé, Francesca Mazzone, Marie-Hélène Paoli, Nora Sieffert, Charlotte Wrigglesworth
Landscape design: Pierre-Henri Cazes, Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat

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