SFR Headquarters

Saint-Denis, France

Competition won in 2010

Client: SFR
Developer: Vinci Immobilier Promotion
Engineering firm: SETEC Bâtiment
Surface area: 135,000 sq m
Budget: €300 M + Tax
Mandate: Design and delivery, interior design and landscaping
Certification : QHE construction (already obtained for the design phase), BREEAM "very good" and QHE exploitation, BBC Effinergie Label,
summer comfort level rule Th-E, RT 2012


The new headquarters of SFR decides to regroup in 2015 its employees formerly spread over four sites in the Paris region. Requiring almost 8 500 workstations. The project is designed as a campus, with its offices, a conference center, restaurants, a gymnasium and multiple gardens.

The principle is based on the idea of ​​unity and union, through four bodies of buildings that have to represent themselves distinct to one another but also work together as a whole and reflect culture. This is shown by a strong anchor (the trunk) and different activities expressed in their diversity (the branches). The ensemble is connected in a horizontal axis for movements that promote contact and communication. Emphasis is placed on links to the environment. The environment in which the collaborators connect with their workspace but also an environment that is specific to the site giving real contextualities on this industrial territory and finally; an environment also of a luminous and breathable building in relation to the gardens that surrounds it.

Light is an essential component of the project for assuring pleasant working conditions and optimum energy design, this is achieved thanks to the interchange between glass and metal, which in essence opens, reflects and densifies, depending on the space.

The facades behave like a garment that change to nature according to the exhibitions. Protected towards the north, against the acoustic pressure of the roads, cold and shade, the coat changes to the west and east with external blinds and requires  a supplement of  glass of aluminum and opening surface areas. To the south, on the garden side, large horizontal overhangs protect it from the upper sun and the walls have direct access to the exteriors. This is where the staircases are placed, in front of the garden, for a permanent visual contact with the redesigned landscape.

Phase 1 of the 65,000 m² project was inaugurated in 2013; Phase 2 was delivered in 2015.

Agency credits

Andrès Larrain (Project director)
Frédéric Morel (Project director)
Sophie Poussange
William Burns
Victor Senarat
Christel Catteau
Léa Desbiens
Tupac Orellana
Thomas Ouanhnon
Charlotte Thiret Schlosser
Aline Hielscher
Julie Alazard
Benoist Quiviger
Interior design
Laura Gelso (Project director)
Juliette Liberman Segretain
Justine Boidin
Ivonne Amran
Benjamin Doré
Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat

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