Montpellier, France

Program: 81 housing units et businesses
Mission: Conception and construction management, interior design and landscape design
Location: Parc Marianne, 34000, Montpellier

Prime contractor: Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Execution contractor: Drop Ingénierie
Architect: Jean-Paul Viguier
Client: Nexity George V

Engineering firm (structure): Andre Verdier
Engineering firm (fluids): ENR Concept
Acoustics: Socotec
Surface: 6 000 m² Shon
Certification: BBC Effinergie

The building is placed to the north-west at the entrance of the Marianne Park ZAC in Montpellier.

Contemporary materials and colors have been chosen to comply with architectural recommendations from Architecture Studio, the ZAC coordinator. The building is expressed in a variation of four types of red on lacquered aluminum panels or sliding shutters of the same kind. The base is made of architectural concrete: common to all the buildings of the ZAC, it guarantees the indispensable unity of the whole district.

The building offers a complex volume made up of a succession of recesses and projections: L-shaped, the buildings surround a central garden which offers terraces to the southwest for maximum sunshine. The building (south), on the garden side, offers large terraces facing south. The key idea of ​​the composition focuses on the suspended terraces on the south-west side.

The opposite facade is equipped with balconies which can be accessed from the rooms by French windows; Privative shutters allow to protect the intimacy of the inhabitants. All units have a balcony or terrace, the whole is a homogeneous volume dressed in a range of red (metallic coating, aluminum cassettes).

The last 3 floors are composed very simply with classic lines and large openings. Dark gray vertical aluminum blinds on the outside protect the large windows from the sun. The terraces are protected from the sun by horizontal steel venetian blinds, mounted on a stainless steel construction.

While complying with the rules of the ZAC, this project offers a building a strong and readable identity: it allows to give richness in the diversity of neighboring structures.

This project received the Golden Pyramids Award in September 2012



Agency credits

Architects project leaders: Mehdi Jaoua, Octave Parant
Project team: Michel Sebald, Katharina Kriener, Clémence De Dreuz, Natacha Soumagnac, Nora Sieffert, Nathalie François, Catherine Kirk 
Landscape designers: Benjamin Doré, Lionel Sikora

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