Campus SFR (Part 2)

Paris, France

Competition won in 2010

Client: SFR
Developer: Vinci Immobilier Promotion
Engineering firm: SETEC Bâtiment
Surface area: 135,000 sq m
Budget: €300 M + Tax
Mandate: Design and delivery, interior design and landscaping
Certification : QHE construction (already obtained for the design phase), BREEAM "very good" and QHE exploitation, BBC Effinergie Label, 
summer comfort level rule Th-E, RT 2012

The news head office for SFR will bring together some 8500 staff who are currently dispersed between 4 sites in the Paris area. The project is conceived as a campus, with offices, a conference centre, restaurants, a sports hall and fitness centre and numerous garden. 


A new dynamism is starting to awaken in Saint- Denis located in a northern suburb of Paris. This new commotion is developing swiftly to the sound of bulldozers, crawler loaders and cement mixers. The SFR campus is located opposite to the “Stade de France” within the Landw- Pleyel ZAC (urban regeneration zone). The SFR developed lines up next to other prestigious head offices of Generali qnd SNCF (French national railways) and this parade of developments is nearby the “Cité du cinema du Luc Besson” and the research center of “Gaz de France”.

Upon its completion the head office of SFR will accommodate more than 8500 employees. Jean-Paul Viguier explains that “the difficulty lies in the scale of the project. This project is home to thousands of employees and working professions that in fact it represents the population of a medium-sized town. The first stage of the work covers 70,000 square meters.” The SNCF, by comparison, is temporarily making do with 20,000 square meters and 2200 employees.

Enormous scale and power: this is certainly the impression aimed for as one of the largest head offices in Europe. The building unfolds over a length of over 500 meters. The telecommunications company SFR is concentrating on this one site different teams that are currently divided between four centers in the Paris area.

This project has no towers only the implementations of large buildings rising up to a maximum of 6 floors that interconnect to each other. Every building has an opening towards green areas, water features or small corners of relaxation precisely to offer moment within the program that allows a complement detachment to the prominent urban fabric and its ties of communication in this district. Landscape architects have carefully designed a central green alleyway that subtly dominates the site and generates a certain harmony with the facades that reflect the greenery.

Laurent Greilsamer, from Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture,
Editions Tallandier, 2013

Agency credits

Frédéric Morel (Directeur de projet)
Sophie Poussange
Tomaso Mani
William Burns
Victor Senarat
Tupac Orellana
Willy Afonso
Charlotte Thiret Schlosser
Alessia Zambon
Aménagement intérieur
Laura Gelso (Directrice de projet) 
Juliette Liberman Segretain
Ivonne Amran 
Benjamin Doré (Directeur de projet) 
Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat
Massimiliano Stagno

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