Quality Hotel Sud Toulouse

Toulouse, France

Client : Icade promotion Tertiaire
Interior Design : ABF Atelier Benoit Fazan, Architecture intérieure
Engineering: Betem
Economist : ECO +
Surface Area : 3 900 m²
Program : 90 Rooms



Alongside public service center and the Fluvia residence the Quality Hotel Toulouse Sud is implemented within “la maison Commune”and symbolizes the only social, human and citizen facet in l’oncopole campus. This structure is open to all the public and will offer upon completion multiple services directed to the patients, their families and friends, the health care professionals and on the bigger scale all the people of Toulouse. This three star hotel of 90 rooms will be inaugurated at the end of 2015 near by the University institute of Cancer and the research center. This structure is 24 meters high includes 7 floors and offers a 360 degree view on all of the l’oncopole site.

This 7 storey building is composed of simple architectural elements:

-       A base level pedestal that hosts the ground floor, the reception and other hotel services

-       A 6 storey high cylinder that house all the 90 hotel rooms and is comprised of a radius span of about 15 meters

-       An atrium that marks the center of the building allowing the maximal natural light in the halls of the different floors

The central void allows an interior air circulation in which the structural mass utilizes it for the air-conditioning system this feature allows the building to achieve high environmental standards, requirements and certifications. From the entrance, a traversing hall offers a visual transparency between the exterior spaces and interior ellipse this hall extends in a north east direction through the means of a terrace that is sheltered from the sun and has multiple vistas on the basin.

The surroundings of this building are characterized by the continuity of landscaping of the “maison de commune” and are united and synthesized in their architectural treatment. The careful consideration and application of the plantation of vegetation is part of the bigger restructuring of the l’oncopole site. The hotel at the heart of the site can be seen from a far and becomes a landmark for the adjoining buildings that surround it.

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