American University of Paris

Boulogne, France

Competition won in 2006
Construction permit obtained in 2008
(projet abandoned by client)

Client : American University of Paris
& New York University Campus
Surface area : 22 500 m² NSA
Budget: 80 M €
Mandate: Design and landscaping

"On an arm of the Seine, at the foot of the hill of Meudon, nature has drawn a long curve in which its smoothness and elegance accompany the course of the river. The Renault factory, surrounded by the waters is a working-class fortress and a stronghold of trade unionism. It was able to fully exploit the natural resources of the site by finding a union with this magnificent curve. For the reconversion of Seguin Island, the beauty of the industrial building destroyed in 2005 is reinterpreted in a long gallery, a pedestrian promenade on several floors that makes the outskirts of the island perfect for a stroll along the Seine with a panorama on Paris.

The future American university campus located on the most swollen part of the curvature of the island is made up of two buildings: an educational building leaning on the gallery-promenade and a university residence located in the background. According to the specifications, the public gallery provides transparency between the interior and exterior of the site. Thus, for a distance of 180 meters, the teaching building can be seen from the banks of the Bas-Meudon: art classes, a library, a fireplace are in direct contact with the peripheral public circulation, and their colors are perceptible between levels; The atrium comes directly on the outer side of the promenade and above, the Faculty Club, characteristic of the American faculties is on the same level with the belvedere level. Open at night, they appear like lit lanterns. In the back, the university residence, consisting of small eight-storey buildings scattered in a garden, emerges in height from the facade-envelope of the island. This form of building participation in the urban public space, in and beyond Seguin Island, corresponds to the desire to reconquer and revive this maltreated site during the destruction of its emblematic building. "


Margot Guislain, extrait de Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture 2002 - 2010,
page 112, Editions Anteprima / AAM

Crédits Agence

Blin Vose-Trincal (Directrice de projet)
Stephen Lee
Déborah Pill

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