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André Citroën Park

Paris 15, France

Competition won in 1986

Design team:
Jean-Paul Viguier, architect and Allain Provost, landscaping / Patrick Berger, architect and Gilles Clément, landscaping
Client: Ville de Paris, Direction des Parcs, Jardins
et Espaces verts
Technical studies: SGTE
Surface area: 13 ha
Budget: €50 M + Tax
Mandate: Full commission

This park of 13ha, is the largest built park in Paris since the Second Empire and located on the site of the old Citroën factories.

It is organized around a central void, a vast rectangle of 320 by 130 meters, perpendicular to the Seine. This arrangement is in alignment with the parks on the left bank: Jardin des Plantes, Invalides, Champ-de-Mars, extending the territory and the facade of the city to the west for more than one kilometer.

The central lawn is an empty space around which all other parts of the site are clustered around, drawing their meaning and strength from relationship between themselves. The lawn descends gently and allows the area to reach the Seine without obstacles due to the tunneling of the road on bank and the creation of a viaduct for the RER tracks.

At the other end of the lawn, an inclined foredeck serves as a base for two 15-meter high greenhouses, between which a peristyle of water forms the backdrop (dry fountains). The structure of the park defines hierarchical axes: the large canal and the pedestrian diagonal on the one hand, the serial gardens and the nymphaea on the other hand. Architecture is there to underpin the landscape. Connections are thus established between the nymphaea in the west and the serial gardens facing them. Off-center to the park, the Black Garden to the southeast and the White Garden to the northeast are two respiring areas in this district. Water is present everywhere and in all its forms: fountains and gushing walls, waterways, large canal in elevation and edge of water around the central lawn.

This park received the first prize for urban development in 1992 - Moniteur des Villes, 1992


Agency credits

Jean-Marie Parant
Octave Parant
Régis Masson
Patrick Charoin
Francesco Paolo Zaccaro