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Majunga Tower

Puteaux - La Défense, France

Programme: A 195 meter-high tower (47 floors of which 39 are dedicated to offices)
Mission: Conception and construction management, landscape design
Location: 10, rue Delarivière-Lefoulon, 92800 Puteaux La Défense
Surface: 69.500 m² shon
Prime contractor: Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Execution contractor: Icade Arcoba

Engineering firm (structure): Setec TPI
Engineering firm (facades): EPP France
Engineering firm (fluids): Inex
HQE: Elioth
Economist: Sterling Quest Associates
Acoustics: Capri
Interior design: Saguez & Partners
Security consultant: Cabinet Casso

Ten years after Cœur Défense, the question was wether or not it was possible to design a tower that would rest upon new architectural and technical principles, and integrate data and recent mutations in urban planning the 21st centura has brought. This is what is at stake with Majunga. All the parameters of the tower composition have been revisited and reinvented:

-          The location of the tower in relation to the historical axis of la Défense.

-          The freedom in terms of shapes and organization of space as well as the vertical successions of the different levels.

-          The design of the facade and their adaptability to climate, sunlight and temperature by the interposition of a “breathing diaphragm” controlling the exposure to the air coming from the outsise, guaranteeing the lowest energy consumption possible (European Bream Award 2013 : best building).

The natural light being distributed inside the building, the vast office spaces, the “loggia-gardens” located in the perspective of the elevator landings make each floor stand out, breaking the monotony that used to be typical of office tower architecture. The planted garden-like terraces located at the base of the tower are a great place to meet, work or have lunch in outstanding conditions.

The artist Fabienne Verdier has designed a custom-made 12x8m monumental painting to coat the walls of the lobby.

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Agency credits

Architect project director: Andrès Larrain
Project manager: Edwige Caumont
Project team: Julie Lavergne, Axel Kronborg, Alessia Zambon, Anne-Elisabeth Foirien, Thomas Ouanhnon, Frédérique Heisch, Ronan Malle, Aida Bensouda, Clément Devergie, Arthur Brigaud, Benoist Quiviger, Stéphanie Boufflet, Pierre Saunal, David Colinet, Anne Pestel, Fanny Laureau, Jean-François Dupuis,Stephen Lee, Gustavo Boscan, Landon Moore, Romain Viaut
Landscape design: Benjamin Doré, Massimiliano Stagno, Lionel Sikora