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SFR Headquarters

Saint-Denis, France

Competition won in 2010

Client: SFR
Developer: Vinci Immobilier Promotion
Engineering firm: SETEC Bâtiment
Surface area: 135,000 sq m
Budget: €300 M + Tax
Mandate: Design and delivery, interior design and landscaping
Certification : QHE construction (already obtained for the design phase), BREEAM "very good" and QHE exploitation, BBC Effinergie Label,
summer comfort level rule Th-E, RT 2012


Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés bring together the employees of SFR, one of the largest French telecommunication companies, in a brand new 130 000m² campus in Saint Denis. The project is based on the metaphor of the tree, creating an element that is in permanent growth and constantly adapts to its surroundings. From a large trunk grow out several branches opening on terraces and a vast garden extending to the upper levels.

Unity and union are the two main concepts that inspired the design of that building which can be seen as a whole, a reflection of the company’s philosophy. The trunk is a metaphor for the company’s historical anchoring while the branches represent its various activities. The complex is interconnected following a horizontal line, stimulations human contacts and communication. The relation with the environment has been emphasized : the relation between the employees and their direct work environment as well as the site’s relation to its industrial surroundings.

Facing south, a system of horizontal partitions protect the employee from the sun. The stairways have been placed facing the gardens so as to allow for a constat visuel contact with the redesigned landscape.  Shared spaces are found on the ground floor of the building including several restaurants, a gym, and relaxtion areas.

Agency credits

Associates, projet directors: Andrès Larrain, Frédéric Morel 
Project team: Sophie Poussange, William Burns, Victor Senarat, Christel Catteau, Léa Desbiens, Tupac Orellana, Thomas Ouanhnon, Charlotte Thiret Schlosser, Aline Hielscher,  Julie Alazard, Benoist Quiviger
Interior design: Laura Gelso, Juliette Liberman Segretain, Justine Boidin, Ivonne Amran
Landscape design: Benjamin Doré, Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat