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Shopping and Leisure Center, Lyon Confluence

Lyon, France

Competition won in 2002

Developer: SEM Lyon Confluence
Lighting: ACL Alexis Coussement - Charles Vicarini
Interior designer shopping Mail: Christian Biecher
Interior designer of the leisure centre: CB’ A
Interior designer of the Hotel: ATOME
General firm: Groupe Pitance
Technical studies: EGIS / BERIM / ARCADIS / ARCORA / ELIOTH
Inspection desk: VERITAS / SOCOTEC
Surface areas:
Hotel : 8 300 sq mn / PLC : 64 580 sq mn (with UGC)
Multiplex UGC : 10 000 sq mn
Cost : € 225 M + Tax
Mission: Design and Execution

Program: 102 shops, catering, services, leasure
UGC Multiplex: 14 cinema auditoriums, 3 480 sits
1 Novotel hotel NEXT of 150 bedrooms
approximately 1 500 parking places

The project revolves around the construction of a shopping and leisure center in the city of Lyon peninsula between the Saône and the Rhone in the heart of the new “Confluence” neighborhood.

All business and leisure activities develop freely on four levels. The base consists of two levels of commercial activity. Recreational and leisure activities, whose volumes are more specific and find their place mainly at the third level of the project and on the terraces. They benefit from a wide open space under the roof. This cluster also includes a multiplex of 14 rooms.

A gigantic quilted roof, trapezoidal carried by fine stainless steel poles, acts as the unifying and structuring element of the site. It is made of lightly arched transparent polyethylene air cushions and produces a vibrant, delicately colored light.

In contrast to the roof, the light-colored façades of the different volumes which house the activities of the leisure center affirm the sharp edges and the clear cutouts. The vertical composition of elements of various widths introduces a graphic vibration, capable of structuring the variety of commercial setups.

From north to south, the railway crosses the site, on a viaduct whose structure has been used to organize a pedestrian crossing of the leisure section in direct continuity of the bridge that crosses the Place Nautique.

The organization of the traditional commercial mall has been reinterpreted to offer numerous links with the Darse.

This project is of strategic importance in the development and reanimation of this part of the city









Agency credits

Patrick Charoin (Project director)
Hubert Fontaine
Graham Ryder
Christel Catteau
Estelle Vincent
Anne-Claude Stempfel
Jean-François Guillot
Grégoire Laurencin
Nathalie François