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School in Madagascar

Besely, Mahajanga, Madagascar

Project Leader : Ecoles du Monde
Associated Project Leaders : Unibail-Rodamco, Eiffage Construction Ile de France
Local Architect : JL Rostaing - ARTERRE
Program : school with 3 classrooms and local supports (a library, an infirmary, a leisure area, bathrooms, and showers)
Surface Area : about 150 m² Shon
Mission : conception and supervision of work

From Majunga Tower to the Construction of a School in Madagascar.

Paralleling the construction of a tower from the new generation, Majunga Tower in La Défense, Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés, Unibail-Rodamco, and Eiffage Constuction, the principle actors of the project, worked closely with Ecoles du Monde and Enfants du Monde in the construction of a school in Madagascar.

The particularity of this program is its use of primarily local and sustainable resources, most importantly mud brick, made available by an abundance of clay soil available on site. The provision of a brick press supplied by the Ecoles du Monde allowed the residents to fabricate the very materials that would make up their buildings. About 25,000 bricks were necessary for the construction of the school.

The objective was to conceive the project without using the region’s scarcest materials, but remaining within the desired level of affordability. This required avoiding any material that might contribute the disappearance of forests (wooden beams, palm leaves) as well as material that might be too expensive (sheet metal, etc.) The risk of fire in the dry season prohibits the usage of any materials that are flammable.

Through the exclusive use of rammed earth bricks, construction costs were minimalized. However, this technique increases the investment in local laborers allowing the citizens of the region to become self-sufficient in construction. 

Agency credits

Octave Parant
Blin Trincal (Directeur de projet)
Naïara Iparragirre Gonzalez