Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture - Les Champs-Elysées en 2025
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Les Champs-Elysées en 2025

Paris, France


The Champs-Élysées committee and the city hall of Paris desire to give a new facet to the Champs-Élyées by 2025 as an objective to revive this famed historic fabric. This project centers itself on the recreation and modification of the balance between the diverse commerical functions, cultural, architectural and urban aspects of the avenue. In that respect, the object is also to mantain an international appeal and charm once again the Parisian.

At the colloquium on the 14 november 2014 organised by the Champs-Élyées our agency proposed four different trails of reflection: flux, verticality, massing and the adjcent forets. The carefull consideration of all this aspects together will enble the revival of this avenue and highlight its neighbouring streets.


In this project it is necessary to take into account the reassement of the different fluxes of circulation that co-inhabit at the scale of this district but also equally are part of a larger scale hence, a larger network. There is also a reconsideration that must take place between the themes of nature and the fluxes revovling around pace and utility.


To mantain its attractiveness the avenue must renovate its functions and orient itself towards a new range of leisure activities and a vibrant cultural character becoming more then just a commerical facade. The distrubution of the utilities will be exploited vertically within the buildings.


To change the dynamics of the Champs-Élysées in its context and to re-establish a harmonious quality of life the consideration of massing comes into play. This massing effect must allow the weaving between the adjcent streets and the avenue. One of the most inmportant trail of reflection within this project is the openning of passages in this dense fabric

Forest Connection 

Situated between the Champs-Élysées roundabout and the Champs-Élysées gardens the implementation of the "connected forest" a digital zone in which there will be wifi access and "digital tapes" Multilingual information, virtual showcases, e-tourism services of the history of the place will be displayed.


Agency credits

Laura Gelso (directrice de projet)
Clémence De Dreuzy
Axel Kronborg 
Benjamin Doré (Responsable paysage)
Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat