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Bridge - Orange Headquarters

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Program: Offices, shops, and businesses
Assignment: Conception and operation management, interior design and landscape design
Location: Issy-les-Moulineaux
Built area: 58 000 m² (lobby: 22.000 m²)
Height of the office building: 41.00m (72.20 NGF)
Height of the covered market: 12.20 m (44.15 NGF)
Underground parking ramp: 475 car spots, 86 motorcycles spots
Number of stories: 10

Client: Altarea Cogedim, Crédit Agricole Assurances
Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
Executive contractor:
Artelia BETI
Developer: Altarea Cogedim Entreprise
Engineering firms: Egis Bâtiment, CSD (Safety authority), Green Affair (Environmental consultant), Elioth (HQE Environmental authority)
Certifications: HQE Exceptional, BREEAM Excellent, Label Effinergie +

The VIGUIER agency presents Bridge, Orange Monde's future headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.

Facing the Saint-Germain Island, Bridge is composed of two buildings marking the perimeter of a pedestrian public space : a new office building and a refurbished "Eiffel-style" covered market. The new head office is characterized by its 15 meters long, glassed cantilever which marks Issy's bridge.

On the inside, Bridge opens on a 30-meter high and 80-meter long landscaped atrium. The visitor is immersed in an "indoor city" composed of suspended volumes. Above the atrium, the office spaces extend into plant-covered balconies horizontally and into two levels of planted rooftops vertically. The entire building is bathed in natural light thanks to three wide glass roofs. Bridge is not just a place where people transit, it is a lively and animated space inducing new encounters. Bridge's architecture is said to be "tectonic", each floor is an inhabited plate with its interior areas and its exteriors extensions.

The use of materials selected for their raw aesthetics (wood, metal, stone, concrete...) integrates simplicity into the workspace and contributes to the creation of a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for the 5 000 collaborators and visitors of the company. Reinventing the codes of the office real estate in order to place the user at the very heart of the project, Bridge is mainly composed of working areas scattered in a 10-floor building aiming to create the best "user experience" possible. Shared spaces and a company cafeteria are located on the ground floor of the main building. Coworking spaces, shops, and restaurants are open to the public in the market building.

This outstandingly conscious project is certified "NF – Bâtiments Tertiaires Neufs, Démarche", "HQE Bureaux Passeport Exceptionnel", "BREEAM Excellent" and holds the Effinergie+ label. With the concept of digitalization at the heart of the project, Bridge is also looking at a "WiredScore" certification in the near future.

Agency credits

Partner/Leading architect: Yann Padlewski
Architect Project Manager : Sophie Poussange, Sarah Le Guerinel
Project team: Alison Rondel, Jean François Guillot, Alexandra Chafirovski, Jean-Charles Canas, Antonin Lacommen, Ninni Byrelid, Samuel Locus, Christel Catteau, Hector Docarragal Montero, Louise Marnay, Jean-Charles Luchiani
On-site team: Emanuele Bonfiglio, Mikhail Cadi, Charles Patterson, Laetitia Philipon, Yulia Vlasova, Enrico Cigolotti, Camille Delcourt, Christian Chapon, Francesco Paolo Chiechi, Victor Delamotte, Hervé Fichepain, Pauline Guuinic
Landscape designers: Benjamin Doré, Alexandre Martinet, Massimiliano Stagno, Maÿlis Fabre, Thomas Lemarchal
Interior designers: Julien Sibra, Charles-Henri Rambaud, Alessia Zambon, Romain Bonino, Hoang-Anh Tran, Ivonne Villalobos
Computer generated images: Benjamin Alcover, Benoît Paterlini, Giovanni Barbagallo, Amélie Bellaud, Khanh Chi Tran, Olivio Perolat