Grand Paris Express train station, Bécon-les-Bruyères

The only station of the Grand Paris Express covered by an agricultural greenhouse

The Bécon-les-Bruyères station is located in the center of a triangle formed by the tracks of the two branches of Transilien’s line L and by Bois-Colombes street.

The new station is located next to the existing one, which is connected by a footbridge spanning the SNCF tracks. With its platforms 36 meters deep and a circular shaft 57 meters in diameter, the station is divided into five levels: two above ground and three underground. It covers 12,000m², with an additional 2,300m² of greenhouses for urban agriculture on the roof.


Maître d’oeuvre mandataire
Setec TPI

Associé/Directeur de Projet
Christophe Charon

Architecte chef de projet
Hector Docarragal Montero

Équipe projet
Emanuele Bonfiglio
Pascal Bardi
Alessia Zambon
Willy Afonso
Monica Antonie
Axel Kronborg

Architecture paysagère
Benjamin Doré
Massimiliano Stagno

Images de synthèse
Jugulta Le Clerre
Khanh Chi Tran
Sandrine Calame
Amélie Bellaud
Livio Pérolat
Benoît Paterlini
Benjamin Alcover
Giovanni Barbagallo