Logements l’Ecrin, Reims

A new identity for a neighborhood in full renewal

In this program made up essentially of housing and punctuated by a few small commercial programs, it is essential to control and preserve a calm and pleasant family atmosphere.

At the same time, it is important to maintain the pedestrian walkway that connects Les Halles and the event axis.


To do this, we introduce the concept of filters. These filters represent the social cement on which rests a delicate balance between the public and its urban needs, and the private and its demands for intimacy.


The architectural and formal genesis of the project is based on the will to rely on the specificities of the site, to give a contextual and adequate answer.

The urban graft weaves culture and nature, combines vitality and intimacy. It settles in this central void, where it is necessary to articulate places where people already live.

It gives them landmarks, proximity, density and intimacy. This urbanity allows the city of Reims to enjoy a new project, without upsetting the context, nor disturbing it.

The project thus proposes a contemporary, enhancing and sustainable image for the district. Its compositional lines do not deny the codes of “classical” design, while revisiting certain traditional characteristics of the city.

Our project sets itself the goal of embodying the spirit of the place.