Annex building of the Oncopole health center, Toulouse

Annex building of the Oncopole Health Center destined to provide a continued health care to patients

The aim is to bring people back together within the Langlade site but also with healing and wellbeing. The « Maison Commune » is the symbol of this individual and social interaction.

This facility for all will offer a range of services for patients, their relatives and friends, and the medical personnel. Several other associations and a sports hall have already established on the site.

Site insertion:
–          A program in harmony with the health professionals from the Oncopole surroundings
–          The importance of the landscaping and public parks with limiting construction heights

Partners / Leading architect
Yann Padlewski
Michele Circela

Project team
Mehdi Jaoua
Christine Anne Joubert
Laure Barthelot
Stéphanie Boufflet
Gaelle Maze
Aurelia Djukanovic
Marie-Hélène Paoli