Maroc Telecom Tower, Rabat

A tower inspired by Moroco’s most iconic buildings rises in Rabat

Rabat is a wonderful city that has kept a kind of retained and elegant charm that Morocco keeps secret. But like all the cities of the world, it has an imperious necessity to maintain its inscription in the contemporary world and a certain form of modernity.

The conceptual line that was proposed during the construction of the tower was the singularity of the architectural object, which is immediate, installs itself in the landscape and the city’s image, even if it is like considered a “low-rise” tower of twenty stories.

Thus, the proposed architectural concept bases itself upon a continuous interrelation between the interior and the exterior, from within and outside of architecture, in which the building will relate to re-establish this subtle dialectic that we often find in the most beautiful buildings of Morocco: sobriety and richness, warmth and freshness, light and gold, precious stone and wood, shade and light, night and day, perfumes and rustles.

For this purpose, the building starts from a single parallelepiped volume representing the total mass to be constructed. In essence, gathering the cumulative surface of the floors and their heights in accord with the program of this project represented in a smooth and pure structure of good proportions. This volume then “opens” along the diagonal of the parallelogram to form two prisms that slide and pivot around the vertical circulations. This gesture reveals the interior of the original volume of the structure.


VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage
Omar Kobbite

Contractor in charge

Structure engineering firm

Engineering trades firm
SETEC Bâtiment (studies)

Juan Trindade

Paul Pieffet

Rémi Raskin

Dominique Pierzo Conseil

Grand Prix Bâtiment de très Grande Hauteur, Salon Eco Building, 2007

Palmarès Grand Prix Afex 2014

Partner/Leading architect
Frédéric Morel
Andres Larrain

Graham Ryder
Tomaso Mani
Alison Rondel
David Colinet
Dionisio Rocha
Wohn Kim
Willy Afonso
Morgan Kerleau
Daniel Saadi
Arthur Notelet
Anne-Elisabeth Foirien

Benjamin Doré