UGC Movie Theater, Paris

A movie theater connected and open to its environment

On the outskirt of Paris, this new multiplex is a key infrastructure for the newly designed Claude Bernand urban interstice. North of the « boulevard périphérique » (the Parisian ring road), south of the Boulevard Macdonald and east of the Canal Saint-Denis, this intersection is a sector of great urban flux. The wooden footbridge connecting both sides of the périphérique is a booster of human flow and creates a crossing point in front of the building.

The design of the building presents a series of staggered blocks assembled like a magic lantern or a film canister. The spectacle is not only found in the movie theatre but also in the design of the building and the way it is connected to its environment, the visitors becoming the actors of the show.

The building rises on a North/South road link, providing the opportunity to use the facade as a mean to communicate with the outside world. The west side of the building, facing the Emile Bollaert Park, is clad in a pierced layer of metal resin, giving the impression of a series of pixels.

Engineering firm
GEC Ingénierie

Engineering HQE


Leading architect
Octave Parant

Rana Bou Rjeili
Julia Leguilloux
Jean-François Guillot
Hector Montero Docarragal
Julien Sibra
Laura Gelso
Clémence De Dreuzy