Zenora, Issy-les-Moulineaux

Four volumes designed to house company head offices in the outskirts of Paris

This office building takes the form in four volumes arranged in a sloping layout with long sections extending north to south, providing sightlines and access into the heart of the urban fabric.

The ground floor level is comprised of: two central lobbies, the car park exits, the pedestrian entrances/exits, two company restaurants and their related facilities, a 198-seater auditorium, shared services and a number of office spaces. Finally, five carefully selected sited delivery zones provide the supplies for all business activity. Levels 1 to 7 are home to office spaces accessible by two large banks of lifts connecting directly with the two ground floor lobbies. The project sets ambitious environmental targets with an objective in achieving the «low-energy building» (BBC) label.

In addition to innovative high-performance energy systems, a lot of work focused on the exterior envelope of the building. The high inertia level of the building is achieved by the use of structures directly linked to the facade and ensures a proportion of solid parts in the facade of around 50%.

To the south: in the «projections» the windows are well protected by a mobile sunshade system set forward from the window panes by the use of metal passageways making the cleaning process easier. To the north: the facades are not very exposed, and therefore are mainly glazed, both in the «projections» and outside the occupied walkways, where coloured elements are added directly opposite potential meeting rooms.


Appointed architect
VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage

VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage

Engineering firms
Structure IDF (Structure)
Barbanel (Fluides)
Arcora (Façades)
AVLS (Acoustique)
DAL (Économiste)
Alto Ingénierie (HQE)

BREEAM Outstanding record

Prix de l’Immobilier d’Entreprise, Pyramides d’Or 2014

Partner/ Leading architect
Frédéric Morel

Project director
Michael Shamieh

Margherita Rossi
Michel Debbas
Sofiane Bou-Salah
Thomas Poletti
Najla Abid
Marie-Hélène Paoli
Julien Sibra
Antonin Lacomme
Benoist Quiviger
Jean Blondel

Landscape designers
Benjamin Doré
Lionel Sikora