Cœur Défense, La Défense

The twin towers that define the skyline of Europe's leading business district

This office project is the largest built in Europe at the end of the century, with 350,000m² of developed surface area. It is located in the heart of La Défense, along the historic axis of Paris from the Louvre to the Grande Arche.

It is characterized by two twin towers 180 m tall. These two towers are relied between each other by an element called “intertour” and by three small 8 floor buildings. These are relied to each other and to the towers by a big 44 m tall atrium. Everything covers more than one hectare of land.

The aim was to move away from the model of the thick towers built until now. Thin towers were designed to obtain a maximum slenderness and to generate workspaces always close to the facades and benefiting from a maximum of natural light.

The atrium is a complex space on a three-level base, the highest of which connects to the Charles de Gaulle esplanade. It contains access to all the buildings, restaurants, services and the conference center, which accommodate approximately 10,000 people. The technical rooms, archives, deliveries, kitchens, cabs and the five parking levels (3,000 vehicles) are all located underneath.

This project has been developed in agreement with some High Environmental Quality procedures.



NF bâtiment, HQE Exploitation

Directeur de projet
Andres Larrain

Équipe projet
Ivan Di Pol
Patrick Charoin
Mehdi Jaoua
Christophe Charon
Yann Padlewski
Hubert Fontaine
Francesco Paolo Zaccaro
Anne-Catherine Cozilis
Christel Catteau