Jo&Joe Hotel, Gentilly

Paris’ suburbs first hotel build with a wooden structure

The wooden structure of the hotel is what makes Accor Invest’s project unique. CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry for its environmental benefits as well as the reduction of noise pollution. This bio-based and recyclable material takes part in the reduction of emissions by storing carbon instead of producing it.

Boarding the Paris ring road, Jo&Joe is a total of 5.000 m² distributed over nine floors, including an underground level partially dedicated to parking. The hotel is composed of 85 rooms, private or shared, with a total of 485 beds. A restaurant, a bar, and an indoor garden are accessible to guests and visitors. The open-house emphasizes the porosity between interior and exterior spaces with its many planted terraces and a garden open to hosts and visitors.

On the outside, a tile of iridescent aluminium covers the facades and absorbs light to turn it into a veil of colours that change based on luminosity. Shining in shades of gold during the day the building turns into a blueish volume at nightfall, illuminated on the ground and top floor by a series of back-lit tiles. The other levels are decorated with a series of vertical planks, dark aluminium window frames and French-style chassis.

The U-shaped building circles the garden at the ground-floor level. This free space was designed as an extension to the indoor spaces and as it is composed of the same materials: wood, steel, concrete, soft and flowing shapes. A dozen of fruit trees (apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, medlar trees) act as season indicators and reinforce the indoor-outdoor dialogue. With its rooftop doubling as a vegetable garden, Jo&Joe intends on reinforcing biodiversity thanks to a food micro-production.

The playful and chromatically saturated inside layout designed by PENSON uses the same visual codes as the first Jo&Joe open house in Hossegor. Willing to attract a clientele that’s always on the move and seeking an experience of the community Jo&Joe will be developed in France (Bordeaux and Lille) as well as Budapest, Edinburgh, Berlin, and Rio.

Our Press Release

VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage

Executive contractor
Artelia bâtiment et industrie

Engineering firms
Terrell (Façades and Structure)
Pollen (Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing)
Aida (Acoustics)
Roscol (Géotechnics)
Endroits en Vert (Roads and Utilities)
WSP (Fire safety and disabled access standards), Apave (Control authority)
Dal Ecp (Économist)
Daniel Legrand (Surveyor)
Artelia Bâtiment et Industrie (Environmental consultant)

Construction firms
Demathieu Bard (structure, facade, technical trades, green spaces, roads and utilities for the macro-lots 1 and 2)
Bangui (Finishing stage, interior finishing for the macro-lot 3)
Otis (elevators)
Bonnet-Thirode (kitchen)

Label BBCA pour la conception; Profil environnemental visé dans le cadre des certifications «NF Bâtiment Tertiaires Démarche HQE 2015» et «Effinergie+»

Partner/Lead architect
Francesco Zaccarro

Lead architects
Edwige Caumont
Axel Kronborg
Sarah Le Guerinel

Project team
Fiona Dunlop
Justine Duhautois
Paul-Antoine Terrier
Sophie Bastianutti
Yulia Vlasova
Mélanie Berthot
Karolina Pletty

Landscape designers
Benjamin Doré
Alexandre Martinet
Lionel Sikora

Computer-generated images 
Giovanni Barbagallo
Benoit Paterlini