Nogent-Baltard, Nogent-sur-Marne

A series of offices and housing buildings emphasize the city’entrance

This project aims at recomposing the city entrance of Nogent-sur-Marne (Greater Paris area) on a site where a regional train station, a superstructure parking lot and a 12-story building used to be.

Southeast of the avenue, an abandoned railway road has created a fracture in the urban fabric. At the end of this blocked the accessway is to the iconic Pavillon Baltard concert hall.

A sizeable housing building now stands “back to back” with the existing building. From there, a series of volumes creates the city entrance with a brand new office building standing front and center. Between the office building and the housing building, the access to the train station has been redesigned so as to create a plaza from which a promenade leads to the Pavillon Baltard.

Along this promenade comes a series of office buildings overlooking Joinville’s avenue while further down, in the quieter part of the street, the ground levels of the housing buildings are dedicated to shops and services.

Outside the buildings and along the promenade leading to the Pavillon Baltard, VIGUIER has completed a landscaping assignment on the western sector of Avenue de Joinville. This landscape assignment will continue towards the Pavillon Baltard during the second phase of the project.

VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage

Engineering firms for the office assignment
Arcora (Façade), Lasa (Acoustique), AD Structure et SCYNA 4 (Structure), SNC Lavalin (Fluides), Atec (Économiste), Verias (Contrôle)

Engineering firms for the housing assignment
Antiope (Fluides-Économie), AD Structure (Structure), AT.3E (Thermique), Lasa (Acoustique), Oasis Ile-de-France (HQE)

Construction firm
Entreprise Générale Eiffage Construction

HQE Excellent
BREEAM Very Good
Label Effinergie + (RT 2012-40%) pour le BE
NF Logements démarche HQE
H&E profil A (logements sociaux)

Partner/Leading architect
Christophe Charon

Lead architect
Beat Meir
Fiona Dunlop

Joanna Maksimowicz
Mehdi Rasfi
Natacha Soumagnac
Nathalie François
Marie-Hélène Paoli
Thomas Ouanhnon
Esther Lahuerta
Alma Gazeau
Monica Antoni
Alicia Zambon
Nora Sieffert
Christel Catteau

Landscape team
Lionel Sikora
Antigoni Frantzela
Sophie de Prinsac

Interior design
Audrey Quillet

Computer-generated images
Giovanni Barbagallo
Amélie Bellaud
Khanh Chi Tran
Julien Combes
Giorgi Bocolishvili